Our services

  • Boiler servicing
  • Heating system flushing
  • Replacement radiators
  • Replacement boilers
  • New heating systems
  • Hot water tank upgrades
  • Unvented hot water systems
  • Water leak repair
  • Replacement pipework
  • Washing machine & dishwasher installation
  • Sink, bath & WC installations
  • Power shower and spa bath installations
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Wood Burners
  • Under floor heating systems
  • Thermal stores
  • Wetrooms
  • Accessible bathroom and kitchen adaptations
  • Safety inspections and CP12 certificates for landlords

Heating & hot water systems

Your heating and hot water system is the heart of your home, keeping you warm and ensuring you have piping hot water whenever you need it. We can install complete new heating syetems, or upgrade your current boiler, radiators and hot water system to ensure you have the most suitable and reliable heating system available for your budget and lifestyle.

Gas & Oil

We can install a range of natural gas, LPG and oil fired boilers which are suitable for your property and lifestyle

Solar panels

Solar panels to heat water are now a popular way to reduce energy bills and can be combined with your existing system


Solid fuel

Solid fuel heaters, such as log burners, are now a cheap and efficient way to heat a home and provide hot water

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Boiler and Central Heating Servicing

All boilers require regular servicing. This helps with efficiency, carbon emissions, reduces running costs and the need for expensive repairs and to keep valid any warranty or guarantee issued by the boiler's manufacturer. 1st Call 24-7 Ltd offer a range of services to keep your boiler in top condition including power flushing of pipes and radiators. 

Landlord Safety Certificates

All rental properties in the UK are required by law to be checked for safety annually. We can certify your gas boilers and appliances and issue the necessary certificates. 

Find out more about our services for landlords and property owners

engineering servicing a gas boiler

Green options

1st Call 24/7 Ltd engineers are qualified to install green and alternative heating and hot water systems such as solar water heaters, ground source heat pumps and wood burners.

We can even combine these with traditional gas, oil and electric systems giving you the best reliability, economy and environmental friendliness. There are many different solutions for combining alternative and traditional heat sources. To discuss these options Call us

Plumbing services

Water is vital to us all for drinking, washing and heating, so 1st Call 24/7 Ltd can help with all aspects of plumbing work from new radiators to installation of new pipes for washing machines. Water can also be destructive - even a small water leak can cause significant damage to a home so we can help with even the smallest plumbing jobs at very reasonable rates before they become big problems.

Should you have a plumbing emergency we are available 24 hours a day    24 hour response 07947 534982